February 17, 2020

All You Need to know about Trojan Virus

Trojan viruses are terrible, they sneak in to your machine posing as genuine software or genuine computer applications or sometimes they hitch a ride attached to safe and simple downloads that will eventually corrupt your machine. Once you have acquired this type of virus and let it run on your machine you have basically given full access of your machine to the unscrupulous hacker who designed and sent you the trojan virus.

This hacker now has the ability to root through all of your files and documents and if he so wishes has the ability to monitor all of your online activity including all of the sites you have visited and all of your passwords for those sites. This is especially bad for those of you who do business online or those of you who use the internet to do you banking.

Other times when you get a trojan virus there is no hacker behind it gaining access to your information. Sometimes the virus you install on your machine is just there for destructive purposes. The sole purpose of viruses like this is to simply destroy the machine it infects.

Removing Trojan Viruses from your system can be very easy. All you need to do is open up your task manager, go to processes and search for any suspicious files. For example I have explorer.exe running in my task manager which is fine but if there was a process called dfgdgdfgdg.exe then I would be forced to remove this from my machine.

If you are unable to find any viruses in your processes tree then the virus you are infected with must be quite advanced. For this type of virus you are going to need an Advanced Virus Remover [http://www.workstationoptimizer.co.uk].

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